This is an innovating short film about an upwardly mobile African American man named Mike (Anthony Dalton) who is battling with depression. While getting set up on a blind date with Katrina (Leslie Black), he comes to realization that he is ill. We witness him fight to break the pain he holds within, until he has no choice but to reveal his past,which lead him to discovering true fulfillment. This drama and comedy will uncover the power of healing and intends to be a positive affirmation for all people.


This heartfelt film is life changing and will have

everyone wondering, "What will truth do to you". Also starring Marvin Vance,

Robert Watts, Katrina Rivera, Kendra Latisha, Challedon,

Kenneth Bowen



- Written & Executive Produced by Sashe Omogiate

- Directed by Lisa Cunningham

- Director of photography

- Editor Aeric Adams

- Co Editor Sashe Omogiate