6 Secrets To Bouncing Back From Life Challenges 

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Hosted By Sashe Omogiate


Sashe Omogiate is the epitome of Black Girl Magic. The author, speaker, philanthropist, and investor Sashe impacts audiences with her bold and audacious approach to walking in their truth. Many women have been impacted by her riveting messages of dealing successfully with problems. She helps women create the abundant life they deserve through self- discovery, manifestation, and accountability. She does this by giving them the tools to identify their past barriers, as well as overcoming self-limiting thoughts. Sashe believes there’s a transformation in self-awareness and embracing authenticity.If you have taken action time and time again; but continue to run into bumps, feeling frustrated, you need to use the strategy I’ve taught my clients.

6 Secrets To Bouncing Back From Life Challenges!

(35 min Recorded Webinar )

Webinar Will Teach You: 


  • Practical tools for meeting life’s most difficult changes.

  • Discover how to move beyond fear.

  • Find out exactly what it takes to get unstuck.

  • Develop a limitless mindset.

  • Creating Inner Security and Confidence.