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Speaker & Motivational Strategist
My mission is to help more women transform their life through
self- awareness and embracing authenticity.

I teach women how to create the abundance life they deserve through self-discovery, manifestation, and accountability. I do this by giving them the tools to identify their past barriers as well as overcoming self limiting thoughts that have stopped them from processing.

I’ve dedicated more than 6 years to helping women win the challenge of finding meaning in life! They learned to understand their triggers, thoughts and optimize their mind to enhance their overall success so they can live a healthier life. Not a day goes by that one of my clients doesn’t tell me about all the new opportunities they’ve been getting since working with me.


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“I’ve worked with Sashe, and I must say it was a schooling experience and also life changing.”


“In just a few hours, Sashe changed my life she helped me get out of my way and now I feel so much confidence”


Sashe opens usher life experience in a way that most people hide behind. She is very transparent in her approach and inspiration


“I am so happy God granted Sashe grace to write her book! Blessed my life”


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